Make a Difference In Your Relationships By Creating More Safety


Safety is paramount to creating relationships & communication to deal with the difficult challenges of leadership.

Safety doesn’t mean we aren’t uncomfortable or experience some pain.  That’s part of being human.  What it does mean is when we work to make it safe we have the best shot of honest, meaningful dialogue.

So how do you make it safe – for yourself & others?

Here are 4 strategies for setting the groundwork for good, healthy dialogue:

1. Assume Good Intentions

It’s hard to understand our own intentions sometimes, let alone assume we know what others are thinking.  Give people the benefit of the doubt & assume they are doing the best they can.

2. WHO do you want to be?

Be intentional about how you want to show up & how you want to communicate.  It’s tempting to want to win & be right, but focusing on being curious & understanding will foster far better communication.

3. The power of AND

We get stuck in either/or thinking & assume we can’t be kind AND direct, or I can’t take care of myself AND still be successful at work.  When you feel resistance to having a tough talk see if you are stuck in either/or thinking & if using an AND opens up new possibilities.

4. Third Chair Perspective

Only until you can honestly make the other person’s argument do you truly understand.  We have a natural pull to be right & resist being open to information that would make us “wrong”, however that’s where are greatest learnings can grow from – a willingness to suspend your own opinions & beliefs & work to understand the worldview of others.

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Which one seems like a good start for you?  Where can you make a difference in your relationships by creating more safety?


The Power of Safety: Presentation

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